Most B2B companies spend a sizable portion of their marketing budget on events – whether those are in-person or webinar, large conferences and trade shows or just small local events.  If you have a marketing automation (MA) system, you probably use it to email out invitations to your events and maybe collect registration information through a form on a web page.  What else could you be doing to make the most of your event budget and how can your MA system help you do that?  Here are a few ideas:

  • Survey your targets pre-event to find out what they are interested in learning about or have them submit questions for the speaker(s).  Share this information with salespeople who are going to be at the event so they can be more effective.
  • Setup nurture programs for after your event to push attendees information about specific products or services they may have shown interest in.  If the event was a trade show, you can have your salespeople who work the booth categorize attendees by buy cycle stage and then place them in an appropriate nurture program for their stage.
  • For people who cannot attend the event, share a summary of the event or, for larger events, a daily digest of the day’s events.  This keeps your company top of mind, even if the target can’t be there with you.
  • For larger trade shows, setup a form to input leads directly into the MA system.  Have an employee onsite who collects lead forms from salespeople and inputs this information for immediate tracking and distribution.
  • If you are running webinars, you can generally integrate your MA system to your webinar vendor so your targets can register directly with you and you can control their experience, but the registration re-posts to the webinar vendor for a seamless experience for the end user.

Your MA system is key in tracking and measuring ROI on events, which is top-of-mind for every marketing director to justify the spend.  So above all, be sure you are feeding every piece of information you can about your event and its attendees through your MA system.