I was reading a debate on LinkedIn this morning over the “Tiger Mom” article and whether people with and without children are equally busy and have equal amounts of stuff to juggle in their work-life balance (which stemmed from a Forbes blog called Tiger Yes, Mom No, if you are wondering where the connection is).  It occurred to me that your life fits exactly what is in it.  I am the mother of a 15 month old.  My life was busy before she was born and my life is busy now.  Time is finite – there are only so many hours in the day.  Having children just makes you change how you spend those hours.

That started me thinking about the struggle that marketers face when trying to become effective revenue marketers.  I often hear that they just can’t get to the critical things they want to do because they are stuck doing other traditional marketing activities.  It is kind of the same argument – time is finite and you just have to choose how you spend it.  Money is also finite and again it comes down to choices on how you spend it.  So you only have so much time and money for your marketing programs – time for some choices.

First, if you are really committed to becoming a revenue marketer, you need to realize that you can’t do everything at once.  You need to figure out what your long term goals are and work on a plan to get you there.  Don’t get me wrong – you can definitely do everything, eventually.  But even if you have an infinite amount of money to hire resources, there is a finite capacity for any given strategy and change.  It depends on your company’s appetite for change and the support you receive.  You may have to do a whole lot of convincing before you can ever start doing.

Second, you need to have a little patience.  Transitioning from a traditional marketing department into a revenue marketing machine will take a little time.  I always tell my large clients that it is at least a three year journey before you are going to really start feeling comfortable that you are doing the right activities at the right time.

And third, you need to be willing to make some tough choices and take responsibility for them.  You may need to change out resources or slash a sacred event budget.  And it may not work out for you every time or show immediate success.  But you need to be willing to be a little unpopular if you really believe in what you are doing.  The road to becoming a revenue marketer is not an easy one.