Choice is overwhelming.  In today’s world, there is so much choice, it’s often tempting to make no decision rather than making a really tough decision between too many options.  Think about how you make decisions in your personal life.  Not just the technology examples that everyone always gives, like buying a camera where there are a million options.  But everyday stuff.

Say, for instance, that you want to buy a good book to read on your vacation.  How many millions of books do you have to choose from?  Maybe you narrow it down to the genre of book you are looking for – a good mystery novel.  You still have hundreds of thousands of choices.  If you are lucky, maybe you know a good author that just published a new book.  But if not, where do you start your search?  Maybe the best seller list?  Or award winning books?  Or a suggestion from a friend?  In all of these cases, you are using social means to filter your choices down to something reasonable.  You are looking to others to guide you to a book you are likely to enjoy so you don’t spend all weekend at the bookstore trying to find that perfect beach book.

It’s no different if you are selling B2B products or services.  Companies face just as many choices when they are purchasing a product or service like yours and they need some way to filter down the choices.  So with the advent of so many different social media sources, it stands to reason that they would turn to these sources to help make decisions, just as they would if they were buying a book.

If you don’t think your target audience is using social media – think again.  They’ve been doing it for years, just not online.  They’ve been networking with their peers and talking about your products and services.  The online tools are just making it easier now.  According to Forrester research, about 73% of your targets are using the online tools in some way, whether it’s just as a spectator or as a content creator.  So get out there and start talking to your targets!