Marketers are often afraid to become accountable for actual revenue.  There are so many factors between a lead hand-off and a sale that are out of our control.  The salesperson could do a bad job of selling or worse, never follow-up on the lead.  The lead could have been a bad one (maybe we qualified it wrong).  Or maybe the tides just changed in that interim time period and the lead is no longer interested in our product.

To make the leap to a true revenue marketer, though, you do need to make yourself accountable for sales.  There are some advantages to this.  First, it will bring you and your sales team in alignment when you are working towards the same goals.  Secondly, when it’s successful, you get to point to actual dollars and position your team as a profit center rather than a cost center.  And finally, it positions you to have your bonuses based on hard facts rather than someone’s whim.

There are some not-so-scary ways to start becoming accountable.  Here are a few thoughts:

  • Follow-up on your leads.  Just making this a daily part of your routine to check in with sales will go a long way.  Make sure you are doing it in such a way that you aren’t nagging, but rather helping the salesperson move that lead along.
  • Set revenue goals that are in alignment with the sales goals.  A good starting goal is 5-10% of new business revenue.  You should be striving to ultimately get that up to about 30%.  Your strategy should support these goals.
  • Create reports and dashboards to monitor your progress.  Promote these reports internally to your management so they can see that you are taking responsibility for revenue success.  Even if it isn’t always a success, they will at least see that you are trying to overcome the failures and adjust your process moving forward.
  • Create a feedback loop for sales.  Let them tell you when a campaign or lead just isn’t what they are expecting.  They have a direct line to your targets and can give you some great feedback.

If you can get all of these things in place, you will be well on your way to being a successful revenue marketer!