The right people are key when building a demand gen team – especially when you are building it for a large global firm.  Debbie Qaqish has done a lot of work in this arena around the concept of revenue marketers.  You can read her full whitepaper on it here.

However, if you are just getting started building your global demand gen team, you may not have the luxury of hiring more people until you can prove the value of demand gen to your senior management team and budget committee.  You should still bring in an expert, whether it’s one new hire in-house or a consultancy.  And your team won’t be at peak efficiency until you do have all the right skills in place.  But I can tell you from experience that it is possible to largely build a demand gen team within a traditional global marketing department.  Here are my five tips for doing just that:

  1. Put the right infrastructure in place.  One of the biggest barriers to change management is just having the right tools in place to keep the intended change on track.  You are going to need a single CRM that brings visibility across the organization, as well as a single marketing automation tool.  You may also need a data warehouse and/or a business intelligence tool, especially if you have a lot of other disparate data sources you are trying to bring together.
  2. Build templates across all of your marketing channels and share these out.  This will ensure that some of the demand generation best practices, such as always having a call-to-action, will always find their way into marketing pieces since there will be a placeholder for them.
  3. Create standard metrics that all marketing departments are measuring.  They may all use different strategies and tactics to get there, but make sure the goals are the same.  These are very different goals from your traditional marketing goals, so it will reinforce the vision for where you want them to go.
  4. Create a place to share best practices.  Trust me – everyone will want to share their successes when they can show revenue from a campaign.  This repository will do two things – it will show other non-believers that it really is working and it will serve as campaign templates for others to use so everyone isn’t reinventing the wheel for every campaign.
  5. Finally, educate your teams.  You can insource or outsource this.  What happens when you start educating your team, both on the tools and demand generation best practices, is that the demand gen stars will start rising to the top.  They may not be the heads of the marketing department or your webmasters or anyone you would have expected.  But these are the people that will make your demand gen team shine – get them moved into the right roles and you will really start driving demand gen across your entire organization.