I’ve been reading lots of blogs recently on how much marketing has changed in the last few years with the rise of social media, marketing automation tools and cloud-based computing.  This is not really news to anyone in the field – we’ve all been scrambling to keep up (hence the name of my blog).  I’ve had this vision of myself for the past few years as Mickey Mouse in that scene in Fantasia where the sorcerer leaves the room, he puts on the hat and starts making things happen, then everything swirls out of control and he’s drowning in the big vortex of water…

It just seems like there are so many more things for marketers to be focusing on.  Gone are the days of leisurely collecting market research or taking three weeks to edit a document that will take another three weeks at the printer.  Everything is real-time.  You have to be monitoring social media, creating fresh content everyday, responding to leads real-time and keeping your sales team up-to-date on the behavior of their clients.  And all this while still creating campaigns, coordinating online and print advertising, putting out press releases, creating collateral and tools for sales and the host of other things that marketers are responsible for.  If anything, it takes more marketing resources to manage all this even with the new automation technologies out there.  And you have to build in all those technologies to your budget in addition to the traditional stuff that was already there, not to mention find time for vendor evaluations and finding new technologies.  Because your IT team no longer controls the technologies and budget for them – you do!  But of course your marketing budget and resources are getting squeezed more every day as the focus turns toward how much revenue your team is generating.

Whew!  Take a deep breath and go meditate for a few minutes…  The good news is you are not alone.  With the rise of all this, there are also a ton of resources out there to help you.  New types of consulting firms, like mine, and a whole host of blogs, books and forums.  While it can be tough to find the time to read up, even spending a few minutes every day with one of these resources will help you feel much more up-to-date.  And if you don’t already have one, get yourself a good high-level road map so you can focus your energy one step at a time along your journey.